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Farmer in Residence - 2022 season

Farmer in Residence - 2022 season

Eligible Activities: All entities including individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits are
welcome to apply. Activities can include small-scale farming, enterprises creating value-added
products such as natural fiber textiles and natural dyes, installations incorporating and
demonstrating regenerative land use concepts native plant installation or nursery, wetland
restoration, enhancement, and management and other related ideas.
Activities must use landscape management methods and amendments that are considered
acceptable under the rules governing Organic Certification, including no petrochemical fertilizers
or pesticides. No animal husbandry/livestock activities may be conducted on the property.
Responsibilities: SEEDS will provide access to land. Fee structures, access to utilities (e.g.
soil amendments, water), and communications or outreach support shall be negotiated on a
case-by-case basis. Access to additional SEEDS EcoCorps labor can also be negotiated.
Resident Farmers will be solely responsible for their specified activities, maintaining a safe and
inviting aesthetic, appropriate insurance coverage, and reporting progress regularly throughout
the year. In accordance with SEEDS’ desire to not unfairly compete, any produce or items
produced on the Farm intended to be sold must be disclosed and sold at the upper end of local
market pricing.