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1210 S. Wagner Rd

1210 S. Wagner Rd

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The Renz Farm has over 3,000 feet of frontage on the west side of Wagner Rd. between Liberty Rd. and Scio Church Rd., less than one mile west of the City of Ann Arbor.  It is comprised of three parcels: 

  • a northern 80 acres (parcel #H-08-35-100-001) and
  • two parcels of 15 acres each on the south (H-08-35-400-009 and -010)

totaling 110.861 acres.  Scio Township will be purchasing 9.5 acres on the north side of the 80-acre parcel for a future fire station and water storage facility, so the CE will cover 101.361 acres, combining the remainder of the three parcels into one legal description that cannot be divided.  Conservation easement land borders the property along the entire southern boundary and on the north part of the western boundary.

There is a house of approximately 2,000 square feet on the property built circa 1890 with an upstairs apartment including appliances and a separate entrance.  Scio engaged a home inspector who produced a report indicating the house needs a substantial amount of structural repair.  The CE permits the house to be replaced if it is not salvageable within a three-acre building envelope  (BE) surrounding the existing house.  All outbuildings are in disrepair and not considered usable.  No functional septic field exists but the Renz estate has identified a perk site for a new septic field within the BE.   The new owner will be responsible for installing a septic field that meets county health department standards if the existing house or a new house is to be occupied.

The land has been in active cultivation for many years.  All fields are currently planted in hay (~80 acres), leased to a local operator.  The soils are 75% prime and 25% locally important as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture soil survey.  Topography ranges from level to rolling with some steep slopes.  Several seasonal drainages flow north and west off the property from headwater wetlands.  Tiling is unknown, assumed present but likely in need of upgrade.  There are two areas of woods along the western boundary, one more scrubby of about six acres and one more mature of about 11 acres.  In addition there are a number of treelines crossing the property serving as windbreaks and wildlife habitat, and many large black walnut trees.  Electricity and natural gas are available along Wagner Road.  There is no internet access. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was conducted in 2021, stating that there are no recognized environmental conditions (RECs) on the property.