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Permaculture near Northport, MI

Permaculture near Northport, MI

The property will be well-suited to a farmer utilizing silvopasture techniques to raise livestock and/or alley cropping of annual vegetables. 

It is located within a 6a/6b hardiness zone of Michigan’s Fruit Belt and includes a certified organic apple orchard with 300 trees producing four popular varieties, a 40x60 pole barn, a 10 GPM water well, and is in the first phase of a permaculture design process overseen by a local expert that includes:

  • Installing a Keyline natural irrigation system

  • Implementing an agroforestry system through the contour planting of over a thousand native fruit, nut and berry producing shrubs, trees and flowers

  • Planting hedgerows, windscreens and shelter belts

  • Seeding cover crops

  • Adding renewable energy generators and storage


Additionally, we are prepared to invest in fencing, equipment, compost, livestock and additional infrastructure costs.


Optional:  For an additional cost, property includes a 3-bedroom, 2-full bathroom house with modern, stainless steel appliances and detached 2-car garage. This can be available for the first 12-24 months of lease and will then be substituted with an additional dwelling unit.

We are asking interested farmers to please apply by submitting their business plan

Lease cost:

  • Land & Infrastructure-only: $500/month

  • w/Housing: $1,800/month


  • Background check

  • 2-3 personal/professional references