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31 Acre Laying Operation *LINKED! *


This farm is registered with MDARD and currently has a clean room established in the house for eggs. The clientele for these eggs is between Laingsburg and
Lansing and points in between. The business is growing beyond my capability to run it on my
own. The expansion potential is there. This farm was purchased as a piece of land in 1998,
(31.33 acres) and has not seen a chemical since. The house and outbuildings were put on the
land in 2003. It has been farmed since 2005. Certified organic vegetables for market and field
crops were grown until 2018. The tillable land is currently leased to a certified organic dairy
operation. The licensed clean room for eggs was built and licensed in 2018 and is currently
licensed. Mineral rights go with the property.
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Leelanau Regenerative Ag Property

Mimic Farms is seeking a beginning farmer or an incubator program that is committed to regnerative agriculture and interested in a long-term, low-cost lease on up to 18 rolling acres of prime and unique agricultural land, farm infrastructure, and housing. Mimic Farms would be well-suited to a farmer utilizing integrated farming practices to steward a food landscape that might include silvopasturing livestock and alley-cropping vegetables in the orchard. 

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Pasture Raised Turkey Farm and Processing Facility

44 acre turkey farm with residence and processing business located in Michigan's beautiful Northern lower peninsula. Nestled amongst numerous fresh water lakes and streams with Lake Michigan's shore just 30 min away. Includes 8 acres of mature red pine, 15 acres of fenced in pasture, 8 total buildings and a 40' x 100' basketball/tennis court.

-6 barns (2 at 68'x180', 2 at 40' x 148', 1 at 40 x 52', 1 at 40' x 48')
-Processing facility (40' x 50')
-Private Residence (ranch style with basement, screened in porch, 2 car garage and large deck) 3590 sq. ft. under roof.
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3741 Tittabawassee Road

Small parcel of land with a farmhouse turned into an office a few years ago. Previously farmed by a neighbor  in conventional corn & beans. It has now been fallow for 2 years.  The landowner is looking for an organic farmer who is looking for land. Tappan-Londo loams, prime soil if drained.

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Wylie Road in Dexter with Barn

Abilty to lease land to farm! There are 38 acres total, 15 tillable in hay alongside a livestock barn, pen & corn crib.
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