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Breaking barriers for beginning farmers

Here are just a few challenges beginning farmers should keep in mind.

  • Capital-Intense Entry. Like getting started in any business, there is a start-up cost. Unfortunately, the cost to break into the agriculture industry is exceptionally high, and a cost that will likely only continue to increase.
  • Increasing Land Prices. One reason for the expensive price tag of starting a career in farming is the cost of land. Since 2020, land prices have continued to climb higher, making entering the industry for beginning farmers an even greater challenge.
  • Access to Land. Even if we weren’t seeing a spike in cost per acre of land, finding land to farm, whether that be to lease or purchase, is an increasingly difficult task.
  • Lack of Business Knowledge. The same passion for working outside doesn’t always carry over to the financial and business planning side of a farm operation, leading to unrealistic goals, inaccurate projections and below expectation results.
  • Limited Down Payment. Often times, young producers don’t have the cash to put down a large down payment, especially when the cost is underestimated.