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Insurance Options for Vegetable Growers

Vegetable farmers face many challenges. In 2017 and 2018, excessive rain rotted the last few pickings of melons, watermelons, peppers, and tomatoes. In the prolonged wet 2019 spring, some growers reduced the number of plantings to focus on transplanted vegetables and pumpkins in the limited time they had between rain events. In 2020, favorable vernalizing conditions followed by heat caused bolting in early-planted biennial vegetables. Thankfully, risk management programs can take the edge off of major losses from lower yields, crop losses, or prevented planting from weather events such as these.

The latest publication from the Beginning Farmers DEMaND series explores risk management programs for vegetable producers.  Offered through the USDA’s Risk Management Agency, these programs help to mitigate some of the production risk that producers face on an annual basis. Download the latest bulletin in the DEMaND series at:

The Beginning Farmers DEMaND series is a line of publications from Michigan State University Extension. Published periodically, they are designed to help beginning farmers learn about financial and business management strategies that will assist them in developing into the next managers and decision-makers on the farm.  Interested in having the latest bulletins sent directly to your email?  Sign up today to be on the series mailing list: