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Agricultural Conservation Easements

American Farmland Trust

There are programs across the country that will purchase the development rights to farmland in order to create an agricultural conservation easement that protects the land from development in perpetuity. This site can help you locate a program near you, along with a plethora of other farmland protection tools, resources, policy information, and more.

Farmland Cash Rental Rates by County

Michigan State University Extension

The “USDA Farmland Cash Rental Information” is a listing of the county rental rates dating from 2009 to the 2020 year.  The information was obtained from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and is based on their survey results from producers. This is a great resource to assist in negotiating rates for land leases.

Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Progarm

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

MAEAP helps and recognizes farmers who reduce erosion and runoff from private land into public waters. The program is adminstered by MDARD and delivered by your local conservation district.

Qualified Agricultural Property Tax Exemption

State of Michigan

This is a property tax exemption that is available to eligible ag operations in Michigan. If you are buying farmland, it is good to be aware of this to make sure the exemption is retained by the new owner.

Farmland and Open Space Program

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program or Public Act 116 (PA 116) Program preserves farmland from being developed for non-agricultural uses. Landowners can enter into agreements that protect their land for 10-99 years and receive an annual income tax credit. They can also choose to donate their development rights permanently.

Michigan GroupGAP Certification

Fresh Systems LLC

Michigan GroupGAP Network is a state wide food safety certification program, utilizing the USDA GroupGAP framework. Food safety certification builds consumer confidence and can enhance market opportunities producers..‚Äč

MSU Extension DEMaND Series

Michigan State University Extension

The Beginning Farmers DEMaND series is a line of publications from Michigan State University Extension. These publications are designed to help beginning farmers learn about financial and business management strategies that will assist them in developing into the next managers and decision-makers on the farm.

Small Business Loan Program

Small Business Administration

The Economic Development Foundation (EDF) is a non-profit lender who provides access to capital for small businesses that are purchasing or refinancing commercial real estate, and/or machinery and equipment. We are authorized by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Certified Development Company (CDC) to deliver the SBA’s 504 Loan Program.  EDF is one of a small percentage of CDCs in the nation that SBA has approved into their Accredited Lender Program (ALP).  As an ALP Lender, EDF has authority to process, close, and service 504 loans, and our customers receive expedited processing of loan approvals and servicing actions.

Marketing Your Food Safety Certification

MIFFS & Michigan GroupGAP Network

Food safety certification is no easy undertaking. While there are many reasons to go the certification route, a central reason is market access. Whether you already have a buyer asking for it, hope to gain a new buyer through it, or just want to get ahead of the curve, food safety certification is a useful tool in moving your produce from farm to table.
There is a lot more to using this tool than just passing an audit. Once your certification is in-hand, how do you communicate it to existing or potential buyers? What types of buyers ask for it? While many guides reference food safety certification, they typically only describe how to get certified, not what happens after. This guide aims to show you how your certification can be a catalyst for growth.

2017 Ag Census - Ottawa County Profile


This is quick glance at all of Ottawa County's ag stats.