Looking for information about loans? Education? Taxes? Succession Planning? You bet. We can connect you with experts! And be sure to further explore the websites and resources you will find linked here - many of these entries link to one particular tool of interest, but at the same site, you could also find much more information that could be useful to your operation.

*Disclaimer: among the resources below, you will find some for profit companies listed. MiFarmLink does not necessarily recommend these companies or their services, and receives no money for listing them here. They are listed for infomational purposes only and due diligence should be performed before engaging services.


GreenStone FCS

Farming takes courage - it can be capital-intense with plenty of uncertainty. CultivateGrowth offers a helping hand to modern and diverse young, beginning and small farmers with our unmatched expertise and all-encompassing support. Helping small and beginning farmers of all production styles obtain and maintain the resources they need is a top priority for GreenStone. CultivateGrowth provides financing in unique and individualized situations through our relaxed underwriting standards to help the next generation of agriculture overcome the farming's financial challenges. Our expertise in agricultural financing, in addition to our understanding of specialized Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs, allows us to better understand your business cycles and the details in your operation as we provide loans for young, beginning or small farmers.

Financial Advising

AgriStrategies LLC

AgriStrategies is a third-party, independent, advisor that offers perspectives and
assistance to your management team on an ongoing basis and helps your lenders better understand
your business and your industry. They focus on defining success, assessing strengths, and then leveraging those strengths to achieve success with a plan that shows lenders the potential of your business.

Intro to Grain Marketing

Michigan State University Extension

This publication will aid you in understanding the fundamental principles involved in grain marketing. It includes a review of the commodity futures market and the ways it influences the price you receive for your grain.

Funding for Regenerative Ag


Steward is a private lending partner, financing the growth of regenerative farms and sustainable producers through simple, flexible business loans. 

Toolbox for Farm Seekers

Land for Good

If you’re a beginning farmer exploring your options to get onto land, or an established farmer ready to expand, relocate or rethink your land situation, this toolbox offers guides, worksheets, articles and other resources to inform your decision-making and guide your planning and search for farmland. If you are not yet farming, you’ll want to prepare and develop a plan before you even begin searching for land. Materials are most relevant to farming and farms in New England, but many may apply elsewhere

MSUE Beginning Farmers Website

Michigan State University Extension

MSU Extension's educational offerings cover basic, startup information for beginning farmers interested in engaging in new agricultural enterprises.

MSUE Beginning Farmer Newsletter

Michigan State University Extension

New and beginning farmers can sign up to receive a new monthly newsletter catered to their needs.

Available Organic Farm Land

Michigan Organic Farm and Food Alliance

This site lists organic farmland availablle for sale or lease. When possible, these listings will also be cross posted in the land link section of the MiFarmLink website.

Michigan Manure Haulers Certification

MSUE and Michigan Farm Bureau

The Michigan Manure Hauler Certification Program is a voluntary training program which helps to prevent manure application problems before they occur through increased nutrient management plan implementation and responsible manure application. There are three levels to the program. Each comes with new skills relevant information and an on-site inspection from experts who can help talk through any questions a hauler may have.

FSMA Produce Safety Tool

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Michigan farmers that grow produce are encouraged to use our quick and easy tool to help determine if your farm is covered by this rule. Using this tool will help you:

  • Understand your coverage status.
  • Receive free, current, and relevant information regarding the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.
  • Give your farm a head-start when your status becomes covered.